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PVL finds another retail partner for its US takeover in the online giant Muscle & Strength

Pvl Launches At Muscle And Strength

Canada’s giant sports nutrition brand PVL, said it would be bringing its line of reputable and reliable supplements to the US early in the New Year, although as we found out a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t quite ready to wait until then. The successful company has already landed a major partnership by way of Vegas Discount Nutrition, where at the retailer’s many different locations you can now find the likes of PVL’s ISOGold protein powder, the amino cocktail Complete, and its packed pre-workout DOMIN8.

PVL has just found itself another significant retail partner by way of the online giant Muscle & Strength, which like Vegas Discount Nutrition, has brought in the brand a little bit before that planned early 2024 takeover. If you head over to, you’ll now find five of PVL’s advanced sports nutrition supplements, including those three mentioned above in ISOGold, Complete, and the pre-workout DOMIN8, plus the lean gainer Clean Mass XL and the premium Creapure-based German Creatine.

To make the partnership between PVL and Muscle & Strength that much sweeter, there is a sale currently running involving all of those products and saving you a good amount of money. For the whey isolate-driven ISOGold, you can get two 2lb tubs for $60 or a giant 5lber for $80. There are also double deals on Complete and Creatine, with two for $38 and $42, respectively, and for DOMIN8 and the clean gainer Clean Mass XL, you get a flat discount at a competitive $34.99 for the pre-workout and $49.99 for the gainer.