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RYSE Loaded Protein retains the Protein Wars title and becomes the first three-time champion

Ryse Loaded Protein Wins Protein Wars 2023

After running through the 10s of 1,000s of votes page by page, one by one over the past few weeks to ensure we get as much fairness as possible in this year’s Protein Wars presented by Velositol, we finally have our winner, and either way it went down, we were going to get something we haven’t had before. The two competitors in the grand final of the Protein Wars here were RYSE Loaded Protein, looking to become the first three-time champion, and Nitro-Tech, to give MuscleTech its first win in the annual competition.

It was an intense battle, and the votes came down to much closer than anticipated based on the back and forth between the two, and it was significantly closer than last year’s contest, which had the same brands and supplements make it into the grand final with RYSE Loaded Protein and MuscleTech Nitro-Tech. At the end of the day, there can only be one winner, and it is the ever-expanding RYSE and its top-tasting Loaded Protein that has retained the title for another year and become our first three-time champion.

Either of the finalists in the Velositol-powered Protein Wars grand final would’ve been a deserving winner, especially since it all started with around 150 supplements in the first round, although technically, it is the entire industry, as every protein powder out there can be voted on. We deeply appreciate any and everyone who took the time to head to and vote, as the contest isn’t anything without you. We also give a huge thanks to the participants; the many companies that make the protein powders, as not only would the Protein Wars not exist without you, but neither would our enjoyable protein shakes.