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Yummy Yorkshire has turned Santini 7’s protein powder into a lean ice cream treat

Santini 7 X Yummy Yorkshire

Santini 7 in the UK has a new type of offering out this month, although it is not a sports nutrition supplement like we’re used to seeing from the growing brand. Santini 7 has actually teamed up with the ice cream parlor Yummy Yorkshire and turned one of its products into a deliciously sweet and creamy protein treat. The restaurant makes the innovation itself and is serving it up alongside its many other mouthwatering ice creams, available in tubs and cones, in various flavors and complementing toppings.

Yummy Yorkshire and Santini 7’s collaboration takes the blend-style, whey-powered HNGRY protein powder, specifically its classic Vanilla flavor, and makes it into an undoubtedly tasty ice cream that packs some impressive macros. In a sizeable 100g serving, you get a moderate 11.3g of protein and just 145 calories, which is about 256 calories if you scale it up to get the usual 20g of protein a serving, beating the likes of Halo Top and Enlightened’s protein ice creams, and even topping some protein bars.

Again, you can get your hands on Santini 7’s protein powder turned frozen high-protein dessert from Yummy Yorkshire at its restaurant in Denby Dale, Huddersfield, and with how delicious it looks plus the rather impressive nutrition profile, it may be worth the trip for functional fans that live within a drive.