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Snack House makes a chocolate-covered peanut snack that’s vegan and completely sugar free

Snack House Daddies

Snack House Foods has built its name and reputation within the functional food category around its original, crispy, puff-style protein snacks in Keto Puffs and Keto Cereal. The makeup and nutrition of those items are pretty much the same; the difference is Keto Cereal has an extra layer of flavor to make it more enjoyable when eaten like cereal; in a bowl of milk. The brand is about to put its name to another tasty treat with Snack House Daddies, a low-calorie snack similar to the crunchy peanut variety of M&M’s.

Snack House Daddies is a bag of peanuts covered in delicious chocolate and a colorful shell, although you don’t get any of the excess sugar, carbohydrates, or calories found in mainstream candies, like Peanut M&M’s at 278 calories in a standard 54g bag. Daddies is coming in a slightly smaller 45g bag but provides significantly lower macros, including a light 5g of protein, 12g of fat, and 25g of carbohydrates, although 9g of that is fiber and absolutely none of it is sugar, all leading to a total of 140 calories.

Snack House Daddies Label

The ingredients in Snack House Daddies are nice and simple, completely plant-based, and certainly sound like they’ll have no trouble delivering on taste with decadent dark chocolate, cocoa butter, peanuts tucked inside the chocolate and colorful shell, and the sugar alcohol erythritol. As mentioned, Snack House has built its reputation on enjoyable better-for-you foods, which undoubtedly continues into Daddies, but on a tastier level as the format of peanuts, chocolate, and a hard shell is not something you see often in the functional space.

The all-new Snack House Daddies are already in stock and ready for purchase directly through its online store in a couple of options, depending on whether you want to try a few bags or commit completely and grab a dozen. At, you’ll find the vegan-friendly and impressively zero-sugar peanut candies in packs of four at $12.99, working out $3.25 a pack, or there is the box of 12, although the brand doesn’t have that one available at the moment, making the decision of what to order a whole lot easier.