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Soul Performance previews another product that potentially utilizes innovative PeptiStrong

Soul Performance Nutrition Potential Peptistrong Supplement

The carefully crafted and respected Soul Performance Nutrition is fresh off the reveal of an all-new supplement by the name of Nova Immune Renewal, suspected to be a cellular health, anti-aging type product. It’ll go nicely alongside the growing brand’s handful of other competitors on the market, including its original hydration powerhouse Electrolyte Endurance Powder and loaded sleep formula Oasis Midnight Dream.

Soul Performance Nutrition has quickly chased up the first look at Nova Immune Renewal with another undoubtedly well-put-together supplement that has even less information available at the moment. The name of this second upcoming product is a complete mystery, but it comes with the tagline of “Cell-Signaling Peptides” and promotes muscle-building benefits like cellular regeneration and optimized muscle recovery.

Again, most of the teaser image for this supplement is covered, especially the facts panel, although we can see it doesn’t have a laundry list of ingredients, similar to Nova Immune Renewal. If we had to guess, based on the benefits Soul Performance Nutrition is promoting for the product and the seemingly more specialized formula, our guess is this is a muscle-building competitor centered around the increasingly popular PeptiStrong.

“Cell-Signaling Peptides” is a commonly referenced term of PeptiStrong, specifically those words exactly, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there is something else tucked in there to further those goals. We’ll have to wait to find out what precisely the reputable Soul Performance Nutrition has in store, but it has quickly become a supremely exciting time for fans, as the brand doesn’t drop supplements often, and now we’ve got two in the chamber.