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Stacker2 puts well-dosed ingredients into conveniently packaged gummies for on-the-go

Stacker2 Chew Gummies

Stacker2 is a convenient functional company known for its many different compact, on-the-go offerings, an area of the industry it recently added another competitor to, and it is something rather unique by way of Stacker2 Chew Gummies. Again, the brand is recognizable for its on-the-go products, especially of the shot kind like the Yellow Jacket Energy Shot, BlackJax Energy Shot, Dexatrim Diet, Xtra Energy Shot, Extra Strength Extreme, and it also has a carbonated competitor in the Stacker2 Extreme Energy Drink.

The all-new Stacker2 Chew Gummies are essentially the brand’s take on gummies, where it mixes the delicious format and functional ingredients, and makes them more mobile and convenient. There are four different products in the series, each of them designed for a specific purpose, starting with Extreme Energizer, packing a potent blend of caffeine and yohimbe. Next is Stacker2 Chew Gummies Diet + Energy with caffeine, DAA, green tea, and yohimbe; B12 with caffeine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine for focus, and a blend of B vitamins; and finally, Sleep packing a huge 20mg of melatonin to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Stacker2 has given each of its four Chew Gummies products its own individual flavor, in Nuclear Nectar for Extreme Energizer, Burn Berry for the weight loss-supporting Diet + Energy, Sucker Punch for the vitamin B-loaded B12, and Moon Berry for the soothing, melatonin-driven Stacker2 Chew Gummies Sleep. Again, the brand’s specialty is convenience, and you get that in its gummy supplements as they come in countertop packets of six single-serving gummies and higher-serving pocket-sized bottles filled with 40 pieces.

Stacker2 is available in many different stores and stockists across the United States, including the likes of Dollar General, where the entire family of Stacker2 Chew Gummies is said to be available. Additionally, you can grab any or all of the tasty functional products directly from the brand through its online store. Stacker2 actually makes it easy to try all four of the gummy items at, where you get $10 off ten six-packs and $30 off 20, working out to a reasonably discounted $3.99 and $3.49, respectively.