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Shot version of I Am F*cked Up gets its second-ever flavor since its debut from several years ago

Swedish Crazy Mango I Am Fcked Up Headshot

The business of sports nutrition supplements in Europe, particularly the Scandinavian region, has been getting busier and busier here at the end of the year, with many competitors out of Sweden rolling some completely new products and flavor extensions. Here in December, the self-explanatory brand has gone ahead and done the latter, adding an all-new Crazy Mango flavor to the menu of the more convenient and compact alternative of its I Am F*cked Up pre-workout in I Am F*cked Up Headshot.

Swedish Supplements’ pre-workout-style I Am F*cked Up Headshot hit the market a few years ago in Green Apple and Sour Cola flavors, then back in 2021, it welcomed the first addition to its menu by way of Forest Raspberry. That does indeed make the Crazy Mango I Am F*cked Up Headshot the product’s second-ever extension, and it obviously comes with all of its usual highlights, including 2g of citrulline malate, another 2g beta-alanine for performance and a reasonably strong 300mg of caffeine.