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ISO Pro from Jordan Peters adds a smaller 1kg bag that’s just as cost-effective as its 1.8kg

Trained By Jp 1kg Iso Pro

Most of the time, sports nutrition brands introduce an additional size it’s something bigger, especially for protein powder, where you have an everyday, essential-type supplement that fans will spend more on to ensure they get a better deal since it’s something they’ll definitely get through. That is not entirely the case this week with Jordan Peters brand Trained By JP Nutrition, as it’s released a second size of its most premium protein powder competitor, ISO Pro, but it is indeed smaller than its previously only volume.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s ISO Pro is not to be confused with Performance Isolate, which also relies on whey isolate to provide its strong amount of protein, although it has a few other sources in the mix, whereas ISO Pro exclusively features whey isolate. Up until this week, you could purchase the supplement in a sizeable 1.8kg bag, packing a total of 60 servings, and there is now a 1kg with 33 servings. Surprisingly, the price on that is identically cost-effective at £43.99 (56.04 USD) versus the 1.8kg’s £79.99, working out to exactly the same price per gram, and it has quite a few flavors at five of the larger offering’s eight.