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V1 Nutra is getting into the ever-expanding energy drink space in the New Year

V1 Nutra Announces V1 Energy Drink

The growth of the energy drink category has been immense these past few years, especially with interest from sports nutrition brands, which has brought about a bunch of highly competitive beverages like Ghost Energy, RYSE Fuel, Axe, and Sledge’s JST WRK, Lost and Found, and the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink. Moving into 2024, that trend and interest do not look like they’re going to be slowing down anytime soon, with many other brands planning to get in on the action, including the fast-growing V1 Nutra.

The brand behind the likes of the pre-workout V1, pump pre-workout Nitrum, and protein powder V1 Pro has come out and confirmed it is getting into the world of energy drinks in 2024 with the V1 Energy Drink. As mentioned, V1 Nutra is known for its advanced sports nutrition supplements, and we certainly expect that premium formulation approach to continue over into its beverage, similar to some of those hit energy drinks we mentioned earlier, especially the nootropic experience of the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink.

V1 Nutra is not yet ready to let out what kind of ingredients and dosages it’s putting into the V1 Energy Drink, only that it will indeed be a product for that space, although that does mean it’ll have some sort of energy source like caffeine. The brand is sticking with the traditional size for its competitor at 16oz, and it has named one flavor: Strawberry Sunrise. Knowing how deep V1 Nutra goes on the flavor side in its supplements, we have to imagine that is just one of many options V1 Energy will have right from launch.