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VUUM makes a naturally caffeinated energy drink that also has 10g of plant protein

Vuum Protein Energy Drink

The amount of newcomers in the energy drink category continues to grow month by month, and as is the case with most spaces that see a surge in competition, it has gone through a rise in competitiveness with several entrants getting creative on the formula side. VUUM is one of the latest brands to get into the world of energy drinks, and it has certainly not taken a traditional approach, putting together more of a functional beverage.

VUUM’s debut drink and flagship product is a mix of an energy drink and a ready-to-drink protein shake. The sparkling bubbly beverage comes with 135mg of natural caffeine per serving from guarana seed and green tea extract, plus a bit of theanine for a smooth, energizing experience. Filling out the other half of the formula is pea protein, providing 10g of plant-powered protein per can with 2g of carbohydrates, no fat, and a lean 50 calories.

Vuum Protein Energy Drink

To add even more complexity to VUUM’s functional beverage, alongside the natural caffeine, theanine, and plant protein are a few amino acids, including the three all-important BCAAs, citrulline, vitamins, and minerals. Again, the product is a multi-functional offering, combining a clean energy drink with a protein RTD, and the twist of it being plant-based and vegan-friendly adds yet another element to the mix of the already impressively unique item.

VUUM’s energy and protein drink does come in a selection of three flavors, one of them being straightforward in Berries; then you have the much more exotic options of White Peach Citrus Ginger and Strawberry Tangerine. All of them have those intriguing benefits and effects mentioned, with no artificial sweeteners, and straight from you’ll pay $36 for a case of eight slim and sleek 12oz cans, $54 for 12, or $96 for 24, with a variety pack also available featuring all three flavors.