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WonderCrunch spends a year perfecting its crunchy Super High Protein Cereal

Wondercrunch Super High Protein Cereal

New Zealand-based functional brand WonderCrunch has spent the last year reworking the recipe and production of its signature product, the WonderCrunch Super High Protein Cereal. The sub-category of protein cereal has exploded here in the US as well as the UK and Europe, with some incredibly great-tasting competitors like Magic Spoon, which can now be found at the likes of Target. The macros on the product are good, keeping the protein high had carbohydrates low, right in line with other competitors.

A moderate 50g serving of the WonderCrunch Super High Protein Cereal in its lone Chocolate Bubbles flavor provides 20g of protein, 16g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar and 4g of net carbohydrates, and 11g of fat, for a total of 190 calories. The functional food specialist relies on a simple set of ingredients with milk protein-powered protein crisps, the sugar-alternative allulose, milk protein isolate to ensure you get that high protein and the natural sweeteners stevia and monk fruit extract.

Wondercrunch Super High Protein Cereal 1

The big question with any functional product, including protein cereals, is taste and overall eating experience, which, as mentioned, the team at WonderCrunch has been working on and perfecting behind the scenes over the past year or so. We have to imagine the brand has made use of that time and created a protein-packed breakfast cereal that stands with the best, and you can try it now directly through its website.

Over at, you can get boxes of the WonderCrunch Super High Protein Cereal at a premium $79 (49.17 USD) for a case of four, again in its one Chocolate Bubbles flavor. That pricing may seem expensive, but it is similar to the likes of Magic Spoon when shopping direct, and you actually get slightly more in the WonderCrunch boxes. There is 250g of cereal in every box of the revamped product, working out to five of those 50g servings, which breaks down to a reasonable individual serving cost of $2.45.