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Alpha Pro finally gets into functional food but not with your traditional protein bar

Alpha Pro Nutrition Protein Chocolate

Alpha Pro Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand that’s been around for several years, and it established itself with the fat burner Alpha Cuts, available in flavored powder and capsule formats. Alpha Pro has pumped out many other products since its original for equally popular categories, all keeping within the world of sports nutrition. Its latest endeavor is something relatively different as it puts the brand into the functional space for the first time ever, although it has shown interest in that in the past via teasers.

Now available from Alpha Pro Nutrition is the simply named Protein Chocolate, and while it is bar-shaped, it is far from your traditional protein bar. Alpha Pro Protein Chocolate is closer to the blocks of protein-packed chocolate you find in Europe, especially the likes of the UK, Germany, and Italy. It is a hard block of chocolate that can be broken up into eight individual pieces or eaten entirely unbroken, but it is not loaded with sugar like typical chocolate; instead, it’s made with whey isolate for a hit of protein.

The macros on a single 50g block of Alpha Pro Nutrition Protein Chocolate provides 12g of protein, not a supremely high amount; however, fair considering we’re talking about a block of chocolate, with 17g of fat, 13.5g of carbohydrates, a gram of that fiber and under 2g of that sugar, for a calorie total of 252. This won’t take the position of a protein bar, more of a delicious, better-for-you treat or snack, and it is going to be available for purchase shortly, in packs of ten, through Alpha Pro Nutrition’s online store.