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Alpha Supps starts the year with completely new entries in three major categories

Alpha Supps The One Pump N Hydro 9

Alpha Supps has started the year with three completely new supplements, and they’re all relatively major category competitors backed by well-dosed, advanced formulas. There is the comprehensive pre-workout called The One, the stimulant-free and fairly balanced pre-workout Pump’n, and the hydration-supporting amino cocktail Hydro 9. Again, each of them belongs to a key category in the world of sports nutrition, and they’re all wearing a different sort of branding next to some of the other Alpha Supps items available.

The One pre-workout

Starting with the most-loaded supplement of the three from Alpha Supps is The One, a well-rounded pre-workout, which has a few components in common with Pump’n but is the more comprehensive product in the category from the brand. The One is definitely a loaded offering, supporting pumps by way of 8g of straight citrulline, 3g of betaine, and 1.5g of premium Nitrosigine. Then driving performance is 3.2g of beta-alanine, a full 5g of creatine monohydrate, 400mg of proven PeakATP, and equally as many ingredients for energy and focus with tyrosine, huperzine, theanine, alpha yohimbine, and of course, caffeine.

Alpha Supps The One Label

Stimulant-free Pump’n

Next up, we have Alpha Supps Pump’n, a stimulant-free pre-workout with some of The One’s features, including pure citrulline but at a lower 6g a serving, the same 5g of creatine monohydrate, 2.5g of betaine, and a much lighter 2g of beta-alanine. Where Pump’n starts to separate itself and become its own supplement is the added NO3-T betaine nitrate and 508mg of VasoDrive to jack up that title benefit of better muscle pumps, and, again, it doesn’t have any stimulants, so there is no energy kick or mental drive.

Alpha Supps Pump N Label

Hydro 9

Last but not least is Alpha Supps Hydro 9, a classic amino-based supplement infused with essential electrolytes to additionally support hydration and performance. On the amino side, the brand has packed the product with about 10.5g of all nine EAAs, with the majority of that being BCAAs at 8g. Outside of the EAAs and the benefits they bring, Hydro 9 has tart cherry to further improve recovery, and coconut water and watermelon extract as electrolyte sources, providing 100mg each of sodium and potassium, and 50mg of calcium.

Where to buy

You can find out more about Alpha Supps’ all-new, blue-branded supplements — The One, Pump’n, and Hydro 9 — in its online store at We’ve got the facts panel for those two more advanced products of the three, above, and you can purchase either or both of those for the same price of $54.99 for a bottle of 20 maximum servings, in the same three flavors. As for the EAA-based amino cocktail, Hydro 9, that’ll cost you a little less at $44.99, also in three flavors, although the menu is not entirely the same as the pre-workouts.