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Hard Target gets the Apollon reformulation treatment with added PrimaVie and fadogia

Apollon Nutrition Hard Target V2

One of the things Apollon Nutrition is heavily known for, outside of its powerhouse selection of supplements and loaded formulas, is the constant improvement and evolution in its reformulations. There is not a year that goes by where the brand doesn’t make some of its star products that extra bit better, whether that’s adding ingredients, increasing dosages, or refining the experience. To start the New Year, the hardcore brand is doing that once again to its three-year-old testosterone booster, Hard Target.

In traditional Apollon Nutrition style, it has indeed made Hard Target better with new ingredients and higher dosages, all in the name of the core purpose of the supplement, which is to naturally boost testosterone. That crucial benefit leads to enhanced muscle building, strength, performance, and drive, and keep in mind this is the first reformulation of Hard Target; as mentioned, it came to market about three years ago this March, and the original was no pusher over, featuring 600mg of KSM-66, 100mg of laxogenin, and half a gram of fenugreek.

Apollon Nutrition Hard Target V2 Label

We’ve got the facts panel for Hard Target V2 in the image above, where Apollon Nutrition carries over a few of the predecessor’s key players, including 250mg of DIM, 100mg of arimistane, and that proven dose of the highly effective and multi-study backed KSM-66 Ashwagandha. Longjack and fenugreek have remained as well, but with 100mg more at 600mg of fenugreek and 400mg of longjack, and joining the formula in the sequel testosterone booster is half a gram of premium PrimaVie shilajit and a full 1.2g of the increasingly popular fadogia agrestis.

Again, Apollon Nutrition is known for improving its products year after year, whether it be its potent pre-workouts Hooligan and Assassin or its fat burners Chaos and Molotov; this time around, it is the testosterone boosting Hard Target in the spotlight, and as you can see, it’s been given the reformulation treatment. You’ll be able to purchase directly from the brand’s online store this coming Friday through, and despite those improvements, the price will remain the same at $69.95 a bottle.