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Apple Melon starts off the year for the functional beverage specialist Clean Drink

Apple Melon Clean Drink

Functional beverage specialist Clean Drink in Sweden has a new flavor out this week for its signature energy drink, featuring a fairly common type of formula for that part of the world blending 2.5g of the three all-important BCAAs, a variety of vitamins, and a moderate 180mg of caffeine in a 330ml can. The new flavor is an ideal fit for the fruit-filled menu with a blend of two familiar tastes in Apple Melon, and like all of its other options, it keeps the nutrition light and low with absolutely zero sugar and just 11.5 calories.

As mentioned, Clean Drink has a long list of flavors available for its flagship functional drink, with Apple Melon now sitting alongside the likes of Apple Pear, Blueberries, Passion, Blackcurrant Raspberry, Raspberry, Sunrise, and a straightforward Watermelon. You can already find the newest flavor from the beverage brand in its many retail partners around Sweden, and that includes physical locations as well as online stores, on both sides of the coin, mainstream shops as well as specialty sports nutrition retailers.

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