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AstroFlav moves into the GDA category with its premium ingredient-packed GlucoDrive

Astroflav Glucodrive

AstroFlav already has a strong selection of supplements, competing in the majority of the sports nutrition categories out there, covering the likes of pre-workout, weight loss, testosterone booster, muscle building, and protein powder by way of its popular IsoMix. The growing brand has recently added another notch to its belt, taking on the more specialized market of glucose disposal agents, with GlucoDrive, and like many of its other efforts, it brings together a host of ingredients to get the job done.

AstroFlav has built GlucoDrive to deliver a similar set of benefits to other glucose disposal agents out there, and that is helping your body make better use of glucose or carbohydrates, leading to all sorts of run-on effects like improved recovery, enhanced performance and pumps, and weight management. We’ve got the facts panel for the latest innovation from the brand directly below, with eight main ingredients, all open and transparently dosed, and a few of those are premium, proven components.

Astroflav Glucodrive Label

GlucoDrive from AstroFlav packs some respectable dosages with common glucose disposal ingredients like banaba leaf at 200mg a serving, Na-R-ALA at a precise 66mg, and the slightly less common shikonin at 100mg. You then have all of the premium components jammed into the glucose optimizer by way of 150mg of the superior GlucoVantage dihydroberberine, 130mg of CyaniMax cyanidin 3-glucoside, 200mg of gut health-supporting ButyraGen tributyrin, Chromax chromium, and absorption-enhancing AstraGin.

GlucoDrive is a nice, well-rounded supplement and a great addition to AstroFlav’s catalog as glucose disposal agents offer benefits in many areas, whether it be performance, weight loss, or building muscle; as more efficient use of glucose comes in handy in many situations, and it’s easy to work into a stack as it has little overlap with other products. If you’d like to get your hands on the specialty supplement, you can do so through the brand’s website at $52.95, with 10% discount if you don’t mind signing up to its email list.