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BEAM crafts a beauty supplement for skin hydration, elasticity, complexion and more

Beam Natural Beauty

BEAM has revealed and released a more lifestyle supplement this week by the name of Natural Beauty, and as you can probably gather, it is indeed a beauty-type product. The brand has gone the extra mile on packaging, putting the bottle containing all of the capsules inside a separate display bottle or cylinder and covering that in an eye-catching design. As for the contents of the supplement itself, BEAM has done similar to its many other items, and packed it with reliable ingredients and effective dosages.

BEAM’s Natural Beauty has been formulated to support several specific areas of beauty, including skin hydration, skin elasticity, overall nourishment and skin appearance, and boosted collagen production. The facts panel for the product comes with several standard components, with the likes of lutein, citrus bioflavonoids, beta-carotene to potentially support skin pigmentation, pomegranate juice, rosehip extract as a source of vitamin C, biotin, and then you have some study-backed premium ingredients.

Beam Natural Beauty Label

On the premium side of Natural Beauty, BEAM has thrown in high-potency ACTIValoe aloe vera, which is responsible for the boost in collagen production, then there is PureWay-C vitamin C, which combines with rosehip for 90mg serving, and lastly, you get AstaReal astaxanthin to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness, making it one of the most crucial inclusions and beauty drivers in the BEAM supplement.

BEAM’s online store at is the place to go to get your hands on the ACTIValoe and AstaReal-backed beauty competitor, Natural Beauty, and the price on it isn’t too different from some of its other more premium-level offerings coming in at $49.99 for a bottle of 30 servings to last a typical month. The brand has already created a couple of discounted bundles where you can grab two for a discounted $89.98, working out $45 each, or save the same amount and get Natural Beauty plus Super Greens.