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Beast Pharm makes use of premium Levagen and Affron in its sleep debut Big Z

Beast Pharm Big Z

Eddie Hall’s supplement company Beast Pharm recently released its creatine-based muscle builder Big D, which is a little more than a standalone creatine, also featuring betaine, beta-alanine, and PeakATP to further support and improve strength, performance, and power. Following on from that, the brand has released a similarly named supplement in Big Z, in capsule and Sour Cherry flavored powder, both of which have a complete 30 servings a bottle, and both of them feature the same ingredients and dosages.

Beast Pharm’s Big Z is a nighttime product, and it brings together a blend of standard ingredients and premium components. Packed into each serving of the supplement, in an effort to help you get a better night’s sleep, are 30mg of zinc from zinc citrate, and magnesium gluconate and biglyscinate providing a precise 92mg of magnesium. You then get the branded ingredients by way of 600mg of Levagen and 30mg of Affron saffron, backed by several studies and included for their abilities to improve mood and overall sleep.

Beast Pharm Big Z Label

As mentioned, Big Z is available both in capsules and powder format, but the ingredients, dosages, and experience will be the same; just the formula comes in a three-capsule serving in the pill variant, and on the other side, you get all of those components in small 3g scoop in a sweet Sour Cherry flavor.

Beast Pharm has immediately made its newest supplement, Big Z, available for purchase directly through its online store, alongside its original four sports nutrition products, the added traditional protein powder, and the one we mentioned earlier, Big D, for strength, performance, and power. To make the decision on whether you should go pills or powder for Big Z even more balanced, the brand has priced them exactly the same at £34.95 or £31.45 (39.95 USD) during a quick introductory sale, again, both with 30 servings.