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Black Market and MAN do not disappoint in their highly-anticipated pre-workout collaboration

Black Market X Man Sports Pre Workout

The original underground supplement company Black Market and past Brand Of The Year winner MAN Sports have launched their pre-workout collaboration, and as we expected from two reputable and long-running brands, the product is loaded. These two have shown on many occasions they know how to put together a powerhouse pre-workout from Black Market’s DMAA-era AdreNOlyns and many competitors since then to MAN Sports’ various Game Days it’s dropped over the years, including its recent Game Day Overtime.

There is no specific title for the collaboration between the two notable names, just Black Market x MAN Sports Pre-Workout, but again, it is packed to the brim, featuring a 30g serving size and around 27g of that is actives. The supplement has you thoroughly covered in the area of energy and focus, something both brands have always been able to deliver well on in their own individual pre-workouts, but it doesn’t end there, as the product is equally packed full of components to help with pumps, performance, and power.

Black Market and MAN Sports Pre-Workout more than delivers in pumps with 8g of pure citrulline, a gram of agmatine, 180mg of pine bark, one of our preferred dosages of betaine at 5g, an equal 5g of creatine monohydrate for strength and power, and another 5g of the ever-present endurance supporter beta-alanine. That is indeed a robust round-up of quality ingredients and dosages for the stimulant-free benefits in the supplement, and as mentioned, that’s not where it ends, with just as much for energy and focus.

Black Market X Man Sports Pre Workout Label

Filling out the other half of the Black Market and MAN Sports Pre-Workout is 300mg of dendrobium, a common feature in Black Market products, 150mg of eria jarensis, velvet bean, a hefty 800mg of the focus-enhancing alpha-GPC, a gram of tyrosine, and 30mg of synephrine. Caffeine is there as well to take responsibility for the intense energy, and you get plenty of it at a combined 450mg in a maximum two-scoop serving, 350mg from caffeine anhydrous, and the other 100mg is from Infinergy di-caffeine malate.

Both Black Market and MAN Sports are selling their jointly titled pre-workout through their respective online stores for the same exact premium price of $59.99 for a tub of 20 fully-loaded servings, or you could half dose for a lesser experience and get 40 out of a bottle. Something Black Market tends to do in its inter-brand collaborations is make two flavors for the supplement, one for each side, and that is the case here with Black Market selling the pre-workout in Strawberry lemonade and MAN Sports in Mango Peach Rings.