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Black Skull uses liquid capsules to help differentiate its latest weight loss offering

Black Skull Fat Burner

Brazil has some of the tightest and strictest rules and regulations when it comes to sports nutrition supplements, with limits around dosages of ingredients, of course, select ingredients you’re allowed to use, and even combinations of certain components. That is why some of the products that come out from domestic brands in that region are light or, essentially, the way they are, although there are some competitors in the space that push and pull where they can and try to keep things interesting.

The well-known Brazilian brand Black Skull has released an all-new weight loss supplement this week, simply named Fat Burner, and its contents are a reflection of those rules and regulations, as it features just two ingredients. Driving the experience in the latest innovation from the brand is 680mg of carnitine and 174mg of caffeine in every two-capsule serving. Black Skull has still managed to spice things up where it can, combining the metabolism and energy-enhancing ingredients with a liquid capsule technology for better delivery and efficacy.

Compared to some of the weight loss creations you’ll find here in the US with genuinely advanced formulas, Black Skull’s Fat Burner isn’t overly complex, but again, the rules and regulations of Brazil don’t help that, as you’ll see in some of its competitors. Being as straightforward as it is blending carnitine, caffeine, and liquid capsules, the weight management product isn’t supremely expensive, going for just R$99.90 (20.28 USD) through Black Skull’s online store and that gets you the usual month’s supply bottle.