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Bowmar puts a solid 14g of protein into a crumbly rainbow sprinkle-filled cupcake

Bowmar Protein Cupcakes

Bowmar Nutrition is no stranger to the world of functional food, putting together several snacks, treats, and nutritious offerings over the years, and they haven’t all been in traditional formats, like its signature Bowmar Protein Bar. The always-busy brand has done crunchy puff balls and brownies, offered various meat products from Apex, and tomorrow, it is adding another notch to its belt by way of the Bowmar Protein Cupcakes; and while you may be in disbelief, they are indeed packaged protein cupcakes.

The all-new Protein Cupcakes from Bowmar Nutrition are madce with a clean set of real ingredients, including the likes of eggs, gluten-free flour and whole grain rice flour, almond milk, collagen, and milk isolate for that extra protein, and for an authentic flavor, colorful rainbow sprinkles. Knowing sprinkles are involved, you could probably guess what flavor the Bowmar Protein Cupcakes are with Birthday Cake, aiming to deliver a buttery vanilla experience in the crumbly cupcake itself, alongside the added sweetness of the rainbow sprinkles.

Bowmar Nutrition is all about sports nutrition and leading and healthy lifestyle, and that continues into the nutrition profile of its latest functional creation, starting with a solid 14g of protein in each of the sizeable, individually packaged Protein Cupcakes. The rest of the macros filling out the list for the product are 7g of fat, 21g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar, and of that 6g, 5g is added sugar, and a reasonable calorie count sitting just under the typical protein bar mark of 200 at 190.

Bowmar Protein Cupcakes are going to become available tomorrow at precisely midday Eastern Time, nine in the morning on the West Coast, over at The price of the brand’s latest functional innovation is low, where you’ll pay $15.99 for a box of cupcakes versus its Brownie at $23.99. The big difference with the Bowmar Protein Cupcakes, outside of their rarely seen format and reliable nutrition profile, is you only get six in a box, working out to $2.66 per Birthday Cake-flavored cupcake.