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Celsius rebrands its non-carbonated flavors to match the all-new Blue Razz Lemonade

Celsius Fizz Free Family Rebrand

Celsius has kicked off the New Year with an all-new flavor for its signature energy drink, although it’s not a bubbly sparkling taste as we typically see. The hugely popular company has dropped Blue Razz Lemonade for its clean energy beverage, and it is a part of what is being called the Fizz-Free Series. It is indeed a fizzless experience, so not sparkling like the majority of the Celsius energy drink’s menu, but as longtime fans will know, this is not the first time the brand has taken out the bubbles for a flavor.

For many years, the star Celsius offering has been available in non-carbonated options, including Grapefruit Melon Green Tea, Raspberry Acai Green Tea, and Peach Mango Green Tea, all of them, of course, having a bigger green tea involvement. It has been revealed that those original non-carbonated flavors from Celsius are undergoing a small tweak to match the naming style of the newly released Blue Razz Lemonade, where they are switching their cans to read Fizz-Free as opposed to non-carbonated.

As far as we know, all of the flavors will remain the same, as their official titles remain intact such as Peach Mango Green Tea and Raspberry Acai Green Tea. Basically, if you’re a Celsius fan, the next time you reach for an energy drink without any bubbles or, more specifically, non-carbonated, you can expect them to say Fizz-Free, further suggesting the beverage giant may have more flat flavors up its sleeve due to the effort it’s put in.

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