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Chaos Crew joins the glycerol-based liquid pump space with added Nitrosigine

Chaos Crew Pump Juice

Glycerol-based liquid format pump supplements, not to be confused with pump pre-workout RTDs, have become a little more common in recent years, with a handful of prominent sports nutrition brands getting into the sub-category, including Inspired, Evogen, Gorilla Mind, Pump Sauce, and the UK’s DNA Sports. Another UK-based company has jumped into the ring this week by way of Chaos Crew, with its liquid pump product Pump Juice, giving you a hefty dose of glycerol to increase and enhance pumps in the gym.

Chaos Crew’s Pump Juice comes with a solid 17g of glycerol in each of its 25 servings a tub, but as seen in some of the other supplements like this out there, the list of ingredients doesn’t end there. The brand has juiced things up a bit further, adding pink Himalayan salt at 300mg to improve hydration, a nice 3g dose of betaine, and 1.5g of the premium and proven Nitrosigine. All of the extras are there for the same purpose as the glycerol, and that is to improve muscle pumps, with absolutely no stimulants, for easier stacking.

Pump Juice has been both announced, revealed, and released by Chaos Crew today, and fans can immediately go and purchase it directly through its online store. The cost of a bottle of the liquid pump pre-workout is £34.99 (44.46 USD), again packed full of 25 servings, and by the looks of things, there is no actual flavor to it. As mentioned, there are no stimulants in this, so it can be stacked with stimulant-backed pre-workouts for a comprehensive workout, including Chaos Crew’s own Bring The Chaos and Stim Head.