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Chiefs releases its first-ever plant-based protein shake in a chocolate and banana flavor

Chiefs Choco Jungle Milk Protein Shake

Chiefs is a reliably delicious functional company over in Switzerland, and we genuinely mean reliable, as absolutely any of its products you grab, you’re in for a treat. The intriguing brand makes high-protein ice cream, more traditional protein bars and shakes, and one of its most impressive offerings, the on-point Protein Pudding. Despite that wide variety of items, we’ve got Chiefs in the spotlight this week for its classic protein RTD, the Chiefs Milk Protein Shake, although the news is something a little more than we’re used to.

The Chiefs Milk Protein Shake can be found in a strong selection of flavors from the chocolate-based Choco Mountain to the sweet and fruity Banana Beach, and this week, rolling out to stores in Switzerland, is a mix of both of those tastes plus a surprising twist. Now available from the brand for its protein beverage is Choco Jungle, a blend of chocolate and banana, however, this is not dairy-based; it is Chiefs’ first-ever plant-based protein RTD, still giving you 25g of protein a bottle, but exclusively from vegan-friendly sources.

The protein in Chiefs’ Choco Jungle comes from soy and almond protein, and the other macros in the product are in a similar realm to the Chiefs Milk Protein Shake’s other options at 5.6g of fat, 4.3g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, and 172 calories. Again, the product is rolling out to stores and stockists in the brand’s home country of Switzerland this week, including the supermarket giant COOP.

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