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Reputable Competitive Edge gets into joint health with Tamaflex, Boswellin and Curcuprime

Competitive Edge Labs Joint Edge

Competitive Edge Labs, a sister brand of the reputable powerhouse Serious Nutrition Solutions, has entered the joint support space, which is not a category or type of category you see it entering all that often. Competitive Edge is mostly known for its in-depth and premium muscle-building offerings, including the likes of Anabolic Effect and M-Test. It does dip into the health and wellness side of things, as seen in TUDCA and PCT Assist, and that is what we’ve got in the well-crafted Joint Edge.

Joint Edge is available for purchase from the great team at DPS Nutrition, and it’s got a two-pack deal where you can pair up and save compared to buying a single month’s supply bottle. From that retailer, Competitive Edge Labs’ entry into joint health carries a cost of $36.99, and that is impressive for the ingredients and dosages on the inside, and if you are confident enough in what you see on paper, again, there is a twin pack that brings the cost down just a pinch to a total of $69.98 or $34.99 a piece.

Competitive Edge Labs Joint Edge Label

The ingredients driving Competitive Edge Labs’ Joint Edge include NEM eggshell membrane at half a gram a serving, 250mg of superior CurcuPrime tetrahydro curcumin, something a little more common in hyaluronic acid at 200mg, and 100mg of Boswellin super boswellia. The brand has squeezed another premium joint-specific component in the form of Tamaflex at 250mg, clinically proven to improve joint comfort, and lastly, there are effective amounts of BioPerine and AstraGin for better absorption.

Altogether, Competitive Edge Labs is aiming to deliver a similar sort of experience as its other sports nutrition supplements in Joint Edge, and by that, we mean to offer an assortment of benefits and effects, all centered around a core purpose, which in this case is joint health. The reputable brand has built the product from the ground up to improve joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility, and reduce inflammation and discomfort; as mentioned, all pointing toward Joint Edge being your one-stop-shop for joint support.