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Core MRP is getting the traditional meal replacement option of a box of sachets

Core Mrp Single Serving Sachets

Over at Core Nutritionals, you have several options when it comes to protein supplementation, with a giant variety that covers almost every sort of lifestyle, want, need, and approach. There is the blend style protein powder Core Pro, the premium isolate Core ISO, plant-based Core Vegan, candy-flavored Core ISO Clear, the gainer Core Grow, Core Post for after your workout, and the delicious Core Pudd’n. The one other competitor it has in the category is the long-running Core MRP, designed as a complete meal solution.

In a couple of weeks, Core Nutritionals is giving fans a traditional size option for its meal replacement supplement, and we say traditional, as it is something sports nutrition brands have done specifically for this type of product for many years. Currently, Core MRP is available in a bulk tub, packing a total of 20 servings with 27g of protein, an equal 27g of carbohydrates, 6g of fat, and around 270 calories, but later this month, a box of single-serving sachets will be joining the lineup with all of the same nutritious ingredients.

Only two of Core Nutritionals’ many flavors available for Core MRP have been confirmed for the single-serving sachets in Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie and Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie, and in each of those boxes of the new format will be ten sachets for you to use; however, you, please. Prepackaged servings are a great option for travel and to take your favorite supplements with you on the go, and fans of the reputable Core Nutritionals will indeed soon be able to do that with the balanced and nutritious Core MRP.