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Crisp Power shares details on its upcoming protein-loaded and low-carb pretzels

Crisp Power Protein Pretzels

Crisp Power is a line or brand of functional food that is expected to roll out sometime later this year, and it is one you’ll want to remember and pay attention to if you’re a fan of intriguing protein snacks and creative, better-for-you foods. Crisp Power has announced it is making its debut with a product called Protein Pretzels, and while the format and imagery make it sound like an enjoyable experience, you’ll be more impressed with the macros as they beat out your typical bar-format or cookie-shaped snack.

The upcoming Protein Pretzels from Crisp Power are said to have 15g of protein and 3g of carbohydrates per serving, although according to the images we’ve obtained, the functional food will go a bit beyond that. Looking at the packaging of Protein Pretzels in its Everything and Sesame flavors, each bag of the product has 27 to 28g of protein from plant-based sources, absolutely no sugar, added dietary fiber, and a powerfully low 6g of net carbohydrates, which is almost unseen in a snack packing that much protein.

On paper, Crisp Power’s Protein Pretzels sound incredibly impressive; once again, its nutrition profile is no joke, especially for those who like to keep their protein high and carbohydrates at the opposite end of the scale, and it all comes in the form of never-fried pretzels. The brand is indeed promising to make its debut sometime this year, and it won’t be difficult to get your hands on, as Crisp Power has said it’ll be making its protein-packed pretzels available for purchase through the convenient online giant Amazon.

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