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Deformulator gets a few feedback-based tweaks and bigger prizes are on the way

Deformulator First Week Tweaks

Two days ago, we officially launched our educational and, most of all, fun supplement game, Deformulator. The whole thing is designed to be relatively intuitive, where you’re presented with a fictional facts panel centered around a non-transparent, proprietary blend, and your job is to figure out what the dosages of each ingredient are. The ingredients have multiple choices, so you are presented with three correct answers, and if you get everything right, you go in the draw to win a substantial $100 supplement gift card.

We’ve received plenty of positive feedback over the first couple of days the Deformulator has been live from its 100s of players, as well as some constructive points. Based on the responses, we’ve made a few tweaks to the game in an effort to put more focus on the areas we wanted the game to be challenging. Those differences include a longer time limit to complete the line of questioning, going from three minutes to five, and after you submit your answers, you’re now shown the dosages you got right and those you got wrong.

The other rules are still in place, such as being able to retake the Deformulator challenge up to five times each week at 24 hours apart, and you get a maximum of one entry in the draw for the prize per week, regardless of how many times you deformulate the product correctly. We’ve also had several brands and companies reach out to potentially sponsor the game, meaning we’ll be able to make the prizes bigger and better, so definitely stay tuned and if you haven’t scored a pass yet, head over to and give it another try.

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