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Eatlean puts together a bar packing 20g of protein and made from British cheese

Eatlean Protein Cheese Bar

Functional food companies are typically a lot more interesting and intriguing from brand to brand as there are so many different directions and formats they can utilize, and they tend to sink their teeth into themes a lot heavier, resulting in more entertaining branding and marketing. Eatlean is an interesting functional innovator, as it makes a very specific type of better-for-you, protein-packed snack that isn’t immediately obvious in the name, but to get to the point, all of its products are cheese-based.

Cheese itself is a food that’s very high in protein, moderate in fat, and incredibly low in carbohydrates, making it ideal for keto-friendly lifestyles or those that are simply after more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Eatlean has taken that common food and packaged it into different shapes and sizes, and focuses its marketing toward health and fitness enthusiasts. The brand has all of your traditional cheese formats with packs of individual slices, bags of grated cheese, and 350g blocks in a variety of flavors.

Eatlean Protein Cheese Bar 1

The brand’s latest is the Eatlean Protein Cheese Bar, a 60g rectangular snack-sized block made entirely from cheese and salt, and it provides 20g of protein a piece, 6g of fat, a low 1.4g of carbohydrates, and a strong calorie count of just 142. The alternative protein bar is only available in the one Mature British Cheese flavor, and while it may not be backed by whey protein or collagen and not look like any other protein bar out there, its macros are incomparable and closer to a protein powder than a protein bar.

If you’re a cheesy person and interested in trying something far from your typical chocolaty protein bar or better-for-you snack, Eatlean is worth a look. It is a UK-based company, and you can easily get a hold of its products through its website. You can pick and choose the items that intrigue you, with the Eatlean Protein Cheese Bar priced at £1.25 (1.59 USD) a piece or £1 (1.27 USD) each for a box of 24, and to make sampling a bit easier, Eatlean has a nice selection of bundles for the purpose of trying a variety.

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