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ESN’s latest turns eight liters of water into a refreshing drink without any sugar or calories

Esn Ultra Syrup

German giant ESN has been blowing up its selection of supplements and functional foods over the last year or two, and it’s been even on both sides, with drops coming by way of sports nutrition products as well as convenient and creative edible items. This month, the brand has another one of the latter in ESN Ultra Syrup, which is actually a rather interesting offering, as it doesn’t have any sort of tweak or twist like added aminos or hydration support; it is purely a concentrated syrup to make your own better-tasting water.

The idea behind ESN’s Ultra Syrup is you take a relative amount to the volume of water you’re mixing it with, pour it in, shake it up, and you have flavored water that has absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories. An entire 65ml squeeze bottle can flavor up to eight liters of liquid, with currently only one flavor to choose from at launch in Apple Cranberry. You can grab it straight from ESN’s direct-to-consumer online store at, where you’ll pay a fair €4.90 (5.32 USD) for a pocket-sized bottle of Ultra Syrup.

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