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G Fuel and Rebel Moon introduce F Fuel specifically for hard-working farmers

G Fuel X Rebel Moon F Fuel

The collaboration giant and gaming supplement company G Fuel recently teamed up with the blockbuster science fiction film Rebel Moon, specifically Rebel Moon: A Child Of Fire, on Netflix. The two worked together to create a special edition flavor of the brand’s signature energy and focus-supporting product, Energy Formula. The taste the two came up with was Rebel Moon Imperium Tonic, sweetly blending together berry, kiwi, and watermelon, and it was launched in a Collector’s Box exclusively at Walmart.

The second part of the hit film is coming to launch on Netflix in Rebel Moon: The Scargiver, in about two and a half months in April, and to build anticipation and continue the collaboration, G Fuel has put together a fun, entertaining, and well-produced commercial spot. As you can see below, it’s about a supplement called F Fuel, offering similar benefits to G Fuel, but F Fuel is specifically for farmers, and in the commercial, it’s talked about by farmers within the Rebel Moon universe from Veldt, the home of the Scargiver herself.

Once again, G Fuel and Rebel Moon’s latest collaboration is a fun short video executed at an extremely high level, not just your ordinary supplement spot or advertisement, and it is worth noting that F Fuel is not an actual product. We’ve seen too many April Fools’ Day pranks and flavors that simply didn’t sound real from G Fuel still become a reality; however, here, F Fuel is indeed purely for the purpose of the commercial.

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