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Warcry family continues to expand and now includes a gaming supplement

Genius Nutrition Warcry Gaming

Warcry started as the name Genius Nutrition used for its signature pre-workout, although if you’re a fan of the Romanian sports nutrition brand, you’ll know it has gone much further than that into several other areas far beyond that highly competitive space. The company is not slowing that expansion down anytime soon and has introduced a version of Warcry specifically for gamers called Warcry Gaming, and fitting for the category, it comes full of ingredients and dosages to increase energy and enhance focus.

Genius Nutrition’s Warcry Gaming is a bit more complex than your typical gaming supplement, with a more complex and moderately advanced approach. The brand hasn’t sprinkled one or two components for the product, it has nine features outside of the various vitamins, many of those commonly found in dedicated nootropics in an effort to offer that specialized energy and focus experience perfect for gamers.

Genius Nutrition Warcry Gaming Label

In every serving of Warcry Gaming, you get 120mg of bacopa, 100mg of choline, 100mg of rhodiola, 150mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, a light 160mg of tyrosine, and a gram of taurine. For a touch of hydration, Genius Nutrition has also included 1.5g of CocoMineral branded coconut water, then for the energizing portion, you get a moderate level of caffeine. The brand has put 160mg of the classic caffeine anhydrous in the supplement, and to smoothen out the hit and feel, it’s paired with an identical amount of theanine.

Warcry Gaming is available immediately through Genius Nutrition’s online store at a rather reasonable price of 149 (32.46 USD) for a full-size tub of 30 servings, which with those dosages mentioned, has room to double for a bit more energy, focus, and intensity, including that higher 320mg of caffeine. One of the more interesting things about Warcry Gaming is the team has not held back on the menu, debuting the product in a huge eight different flavors, with the likes of Pearadox Flash, Diablo’s Blood, and Tactical Tangerine.