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Ramped up formulas and new categories promised as Ghost looks to put more focus on powders this year

Ghost Focus On Supplements In 2024

Ghost started as a three-product sports nutrition brand with a pre-workout, amino cocktail, and fully-transparent protein powder, and one of the most unique approaches to branding and marketing we had seen in some time. Ghost has indeed come a long way since then, a tremendously long way, now offering a whole host of supplements, including a powerhouse pump pre-workout, hydration competitor, and superfood formula, alongside of course, its giant beverage business of Ghost Energy and the upcoming Ghost Hydration Drink.

The Ghost Energy Drink has been massively successful, that can be seen simply by going into major convenience stores and gas stations, and seeing the beverage in coolers in a variety of flavors, more specifically delicious and authentic flavors. While the world of sports nutrition supplements certainly hasn’t got away from the brand during the growth of Ghost Energy and soon-to-be-released Ghost Hydration, its attention hasn’t been entirely on powder products at least as much as it was in the earlier years.

Ghost Focus On Supplements In 2024

The origianl lifestyle supplement company, has made it clear that the world of sports nutrition products, or powder offerings, is going to be a much stronger focus in 2024, which will undoubtedly be something to watch. Ghost has put on powerhouse performances across years, being nominated for Brand Of The Year several times, winning the title in 2020 with the introduction of its Ghost Energy Drink, and being given our Brand Of The Decade award. Not only does it have this award winning record, it has proven very impactful and distruptive when it’s introduced new categories with the likes of Ghost Vegan and Ghost Gamer.

In addition to that promise of heightened focus on powders and supplements in 2024, Ghost has said it is looking to take many of its already available items up a notch, potentially involving the likes of Ghost Legend, Ghost Pump, and the highly effective complex creatine Ghost Size. There are some completely new categories the brand will be entering as well, and that is where it has shown it can be most impressive, and we look forward to the spaces it tackles, crossing ou fingers for a sleep product and maybe a clear protein.