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Ghost Hydration Drink Review: Ghost hits it home in each of its first four flavors

Ghost Hydration Drink Review

The Ghost Hydration Drink is one of the most highly-anticipated launches in the sports nutrition industry at the moment, with the lifestyle supplement company’s proven track record of disruption and innovation surely going to make some noise in the world of sports drinks. The full formula behind the beverage was shared about a month ago, including just under a gram of combined electrolytes to support that title purpose of hydration alongside Aquamin’s premium marine-source minerals and the proven performance-powering ingredient Senactiv at a full 50mg.

There were five flavors originally confirmed for the Ghost Hydration Drink in Kiwi Strawberry, Orange Squeeze, Lemon Lime, and authentic Sour Patch Kids Redberry and Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry, although judging by marketing material, the Sour Patch Blue Raspberry is not in that initial rollout. Fortunately, leading up to the imminent arrival of the sports drink in retailers, we’ve got our hands on a bottle of each option of the Ghost Hydration Drink and are taking them through that all-important taste test, which is crucial when it comes to beverages.

Ghost Hydration Drink Review


Right out of the gate, and this was to be expected, each of every one of the Ghost Hydration Drink flavors tastes damn good, and that is generally the case with anything you grab from Ghost. They’ve always been on-point when it comes to flavors; it’s almost the case of how good it is. We are indeed talking exclusively about taste here, so most people will have their own preferences like fruits and flavors they go to naturally, but we can flat out tell you that Kiwi Strawberry, Orange Squeeze, Lemon Lime, and Sour Patch Kids Redberry are exactly what they’re called.

We’re going to go from least to our most favorite in terms of flavor description for the Ghost Hydration Drink, although again, we’re splitting hairs here because we’d be happy to take any one of those out of the cooler for a workout or as a general day-to-day drink. Up first, we’d say Lemon Lime purely because we’re not huge fans of the tartness of lemon and lime, yet Ghost delivers an impeccably smooth experience on this one. At no point is it an in-your-face strong lemon or lime; it has a bit of a hit, but it softens out pretty quickly, and the accuracy is impressive as when you pay attention, you can pick up both citrusy sides, lemon and lime separately.

Ghost Hydration Drink Review

Next, we’re going with the only authentic collaboration for the Ghost Hydration Drink in Sour Patch Kids Redberry, and there isn’t much to say other than the brand nails it with a light berry hit and a sweetness throughout, which is where the candy comes in as it is that more sugar-like sweetness. Topping our list of favorites is a draw between the Orange Squeeze and Kiwi Strawberry Ghost Hydrations, as they’re both genuinely great. At times, Orange Squeeze feels like lightly watered fresh squeezed orange juice, and Kiwi Strawberry pairs an actual strawberry taste, not your typical artificial or exaggerated strawberry flavor, with a sweet kiwi punch, and like Lemon Lime, you can sense both sides.

As mentioned, any flavor of the Ghost Hydration Drink is enjoyable; it is going to come down to your personal preference, but if you are neutral on the entire menu, we suggest hitting Orange Squeeze or Kiwi Strawberry. Those two take the top for us, closely followed by Sour Patch Kids Redberry and Lemon Lime. They all also have a similar sort of density to them, like a heavy feel to the flavor that throws everything at you as soon as you take a sip, yet it doesn’t hang around after each mouthful as you sometimes get with good-tasting energy drinks and even supplements.

Ghost Hydration Drink Review 3


Much like how we started this Ghost Hydration Drink review, the sports nutrition company has come through big on this one. We knew the formula would be something different next to the beverage’s many competitors, and we knew the marketing and flavor creativity would not miss either. We can confirm the actual taste also hits it home, and that is important in this type of product, as in grab-and-go and beverage, flavor is king. We truly can’t wait to see this rollout and watch the effect it has on the market, and are even more excited now knowing how many talking points and highlights it has that’ll quickly separate it from the rest of the cooler crowd.