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Glaxon designs a supplement to help you start your day with the ultimate poop

Glaxon Fiber Fusion

Glaxon is known for all sorts of things, whether it be intriguing and intricate formulas, creative marketing, specialized categories, or simply just great supplements. All of that applies in its latest outing named Fiber Fusion, although beyond the name, right on the front of the tub, the brand gets straight to the point with a picture of a toilet and the words “The Ultimate Poop Promoter”. Glaxon Fiber Fusion is, at its core, a fiber-based product, but the end goal is indeed to assist in the production and process of a great poop.

Fiber supplements is a popular category in general health, lifestyle, and even the sports nutrition industry, designed to ensure your body gets a sufficient amount of fiber. That is the base focus of Glaxon Fiber Fusion, providing a good amount of fiber, although in typical style of the brand, there is more to it than that. Glaxon has dug deeper into the product and added a few other ingredients to expand on the experience, such as immune-supporting Immuse and chlorophyll to deodorize your gastrointestinal tract and, in turn, reduce the presumably awful aroma of your handiwork.

Glaxon Fiber Fusion Label

The breakdown of Glaxon Fiber Fusion starts with 5g of the common fiber source, psyllium husk powder; then you get 2g of high-amylose resistant corn fiber, 1.5g of Sunfiber branded guar fiber, and a gram each of acacia gum, fructooligosaccharides, and inulin root powder. It’s essentially a comprehensive blend of fiber, hence the name, and rounding out the formula are those two components mentioned above that are in there for that Glaxon experience in 36mg of premium Immuse and 35mg of sodium copper chlorophyll.

Glaxon has done a great job on the formula and the marketing of Fusion Fiber, being the only sports nutrition supplement we know of with a toilet on the front, but it has also made the daily health product relatively cost-effective. A bottle of 30 servings of the product is just $29.99 before any ongoing coupon or stack builder discounts. Glaxon Fusion Fiber comes in unflavored powder for easier mixing with other supplements or foods, and it is recommended you throw it down before bed to wake up and deliver that “Ultimate Poop”.

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