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Granite names a premium isolate protein powder after its legendary founder

Granite Supplements The Meadows Whey

Granite Supplements from the legendary and greatly missed bodybuilder and coach John Meadows has a few products in the area of protein with its original blend-style competitor, Granite Protein, made of whey, casein, beef, and egg, and it has something more mobile in the Granite Protein Bar. Next week the brand is giving fans and followers something with an extra premium approach with The Meadows Whey, another protein powder that’s separate from Granite Protein by way of its particular and only source of protein.

The upcoming The Meadows Whey from Granite Supplements is a clean and pure whey isolate protein powder, providing 25g of protein from lean and fast-absorbing whey isolate, again, unlike Granite Protein and its staged approach of whey, casein, beef, and egg. The other macros in The Meadows Whey aren’t actually as lean as other whey isolates or even Granite Protein for that matter, but still reasonable, with 5g of carbohydrates, a gram of that fiber and a gram sugar, and 2.5g of fat, leading to a calorie count of 140.

The exact launch date of Granite Supplements’ The Meadows Whey is a week from today, on Monday, the 5th of February, through its website. The second whey-backed protein competitor from the brand is going to be available in bags of 30 servings, each with that 25g of whey isolate-fueled protein, at a regular price of $44.99. Fans also won’t be short on flavors with almost as many to choose from as Granite Protein in traditional Rich Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, and the less common tastes, Fresh Strawberry and Cinnamon Cereal.