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Hosstile comes through on its promise of a harder-hitting formula in Hosstility Amped

Hosstile Hosstility Amped Details

Hosstile has officially released its potent, higher-stimulant pre-workout Hosstility Amped, offering a more intense level of energy and focus compared to its other stimulant-backed competitors in Hosstility and the cost-effective Hosstility Foundation. The supplement is priced a fair bit higher than those other two pre-workouts at $56.99, and that is for a tub of 20 maximum servings or 40 half servings. That is $7 over the original and balanced Hosstility and $14 above Hosstility Foundation, although that does have 30 servings.

The goal of Hosstility Amped is to give you an intense hit of energy and focus compared to Hosstile’s other stimulant-backed pre-workout offerings, and looking at the facts panel, it should have no problem doing so. Interestingly, the brand has still packed a few components to support non-sensory benefits like muscle pumps, hydration, and performance, with the likes of pure citrulline at 6g, 3.2g of the ever-present beta-alanine, 2g of taurine, 2.5g of betaine, and close to 800mg of the electrolyte source, pink Himalayan sea salt.

Hosstile Hosstility Amped Label

On the energy and focus side of Hosstile’s harder-hitting Hosstility Amped, which is the area it is designed to shine, you are hit with a boatload of well-dosed ingredients. Taking care of the mental focus portion is 2g of tyrosine, 250mg of coleus, 250mg of the premium and proven cognition component Cognizin, a solid 300mg of the rarely seen uridine, and 100mcg of huperzine a. As for the responsibility of the energy effect, you get 200mg of theobromine, 2mg of the always potent alpha yohimbine, and an intense 450mg of combined caffeine from regular caffeine anhydrous and Infinergy di-caffeine malate.

As mentioned, and as you can see, Hosstile’s Hosstility Amped comes through on its promise of a potent, powerhouse stimulant experience with a surprisingly large amount in there for focus and cognition, especially in the inclusion of uridine. Then on the energy side, the brand has done what it needed to for a harder-hitting pre-workout next to the likes of Hosstility and Hosstility Foundation, neither of which have any sort of yohimbine in the mix, let alone alpha yohimbine, and they top out at 300mg of caffeine versus Amped’s 450mg.

You can indeed purchase Hosstility Amped directly from Hosstile’s online store at for $56.99, taking the title of the brand’s most expensive supplement excluding its bulk, standalone Cluster Dextrin powder CDX. There are two flavors to choose from for the high-stimulant product that will certainly give fans and regular users of its other pre-workouts a stimulating step up, and those options are a classic cherry recipe named Poppin’ Cherries, and something a little more exotic in the pineapple-based Raging Pineapple.