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Huge puts close to 13g of EAAs a serving in its relaunched amino cocktail

Huge Supplements EAA

Huge Supplements has replaced its original, straightforward amino cocktail, simply named Huge BCAA, with a more complete option in Huge EAA. The title isn’t as much of an indication as you may think, as the original BCAA did actually have all nine EAAs, not just the three all-important BCAAs of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. There was another amino acid in the mix by way of 5g of glutamine, giving it a combined total of 15g of aminos per serving plus a bit of electrolytes for hydration and performance.

Moving into Huge EAA, Huge Supplements has dropped the glutamine and made it a more comprehensive amino cocktail by elevating the amounts of the EAAs outside of the BCAAs. Like Huge BCAA, you still get 8g of BCAAs at the traditional 2:1:1 ratio, but instead of only putting 1.675g of the other six EAAs, Huge EAA gives you a heftier 4.85g. Altogether, you’re getting close to 13g of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, really following through on that more EAA-focused title.

Huge Supplements has beefed up the value of Huge EAA, as on top of the removal of glutamine and increase in overall EAAs, there are now 30 servings in every tub, not 25, and you don’t pay anything extra. The price on Huge EAA is the same as Huge BCAA at $39.99, and to make things even more familiar, in comes in two of the original’s flavors with Kiwi Blueberry and the Bomb Pop-inspired Bomb Popsicle.

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