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Nutrein puts extra functionality in its clear proteins adding Levagen, HydroCurc and KSM-66

Introducing Nutrein Protein Powder

Nutrein is a relatively new sports nutrition company in the UK, making its way out into the market around this time last year, and it centers around a type of protein powder that has grown in popularity immensely over the past year or two. Nutrein specializes in clear protein powder, although its point of difference doesn’t end there; the brand has three separate supplements available, and each of them is infused with a different variety of functional ingredients, giving the products unique multi-benefit approaches.

Filling out the selection of supplements from Nutrein are Nutrein FCUS, Nutrein RCVRY, and Nutrein UNWND. All of them rely on plant-based rice protein to provide 20g of protein a serving, except for UNWND, which comes in slightly lower at 16g. The functional ingredients added to the products include FCUS’ B vitamins, tyrosine, Cocomineral, beta-alanine, and Coffeine natural caffeine, without mention of how much caffeine to improve alertness and focus, and RCVRY adds BCAAs and glutamine to support muscle recovery as well as HydroCurc curcumin for inflammation and joint health, Actazin, and Levagen.

Introducing Nutrein Protein Powder

Last but not least is Nutrein UNWND, designed specifically to indeed help you unwind, or relax and reduce stress. This functional protein powder brings together standard ingredients like ginger root, reishi mushroom, and the amino acid tryptophan. The supplement also has a nice set of premium, branded components, and this is where it gets its core benefits, with the likes of the calming Calmaluma caralluma fimbriata, TheaGreen green tea, and the multi-benefit and heavily studied KSM-66 ashwagandha.

In an industry where we tend to see many things done over and over again, especially in busy categories, it is great to see Nutrein spicing things not just by getting in on the fast-growing sub-category of clear protein but also by adding that functional twist in its three different offerings. The still relative newcomer has packaged its products in single-serving sachets with a total of 12 per box, and they each have their own price and flavor. Nutrein UNWND is the lowest of the lot at £19.99 in Raspberry Cranberry; Nutrein FCUS is Watermelon Strawberry at £26.99, and Nutrein RCVRY costs £29.99 and is Mango Passionfruit flavored.