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LevlUp combines its two star supplements in its limited-time Reload Edition

Levlup Reload Edition

Gaming supplement copmany LevlUp has done something a bit different here in January, and it’s sort of the hybrid approach we’ve seen from a few sports nutrition brands, but applied to the world of gaming, or in this specific case, a gaming product and hydration formula. LevlUp in Germany has released its Reload Edition, packaged in an awesome-looking shotgun-shell-like bottle, although the interesting thing about this one is that in the formula, you get a blend of its Gaming Booster and Hydration Booster.

Gaming Booster is LevlUp’s signature gaming supplement, formulated to support energy and focus, while Hydration Booster is indeed built to improve and enhance hydration and performance. The newly launched Reload Edition has features from both of those products, in one, with taurine, tyrosine, and caffeine from Gaming Booster, at the same dosages except for caffeine which is down 20% to 160mg a serving. Reload also has a variety of vitamins and essential minerals from Hydration Booster, a slightly different balance but with the same goal in mind of supporting hydration and performance.

Considering Reload Edition is essentailly LevlUp’s packed-out, premium supplement, combining its two star products into one, the price isin’t too bad, costing €5 more than Gaming Booster at €44.99 (48.97 USD) for a bottle of 40 servings. This product is only going to be around for a limtied time, so fans will want to get in while they can, especially those that buy Gaming Booster and Hydration Booster separately, and if you’re wondering about flavor, there is no description, only that it promises a great taste.