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Two more flavors of Reign Storm revealed as Citrus Zest and Gauva Strawberry hit coolers

Mango And Strawberry Apricot Reign Storm

Currently rolling out to its massive amount of retail partners all throughout the country are the innovations Monster’s sports performance beverage brand, Reign, announced and brought to the NACS convention last year in Atlanta, Georgia. That includes the official launch of the sweet, candy-like Sour Gummy Worm flavor of the flagship beverage Reign Total Body Fuel, and for Reign Storm, there is Citrus Zest and Guava Strawberry, but it turns out there are actually a couple of other flavors coming down the pipeline for the cleaner beverage.

Two more tastes have been revealed for the Reign Storm energy drink, separate from Citrus Zest and Guava Strawberry, and they sound just as sweet and refreshing in Mango and Strawberry Apricot; the latter is actually one of our favorite Edition flavors of the legendary Red Bull. As mentioned, Citrus Zest and Guava Strawberry Reign Storm are currently making their way out into the market and hitting coolers, although we’re not sure when Mango and Strawberry Apricot Reign Storm are going to be available, only that they’re coming.