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Mars and Durex get together to promote Sexercise and protein shakes

Mars X Durex Sexercise

Sports nutrition brand Mars in Taiwan has announced a rather interesting collaboration involving none other than the condom maker Durex. The partnership centers around the concept of sexercise, essentially sex as exercise, which is something you can easily imagine Durex playing a fitting role due to the core part of its business. As for how Mars works itself into the conversation, it explains all of that in a short sentence, albeit translated “Love with all your strength, then take a big gulp of high protein and beat calories”.

As we best understand it, for the campaign, Mars is encouraging fans to take part in sexercise but treat it similar to a workout and make sure you get in a serving or two of protein powder after you’ve done the deed. The collaboration is from both sides, with Durex and Mars promoting it all on social media, giving away each other’s products with bottles of lubricant and tubs of protein powder. They’ve jointly created the coupon “SEXERCISE” that can be used on both Durex and Mars’ online stores for various deals and discounts.

The collaborative code obviously gets you different benefits depending on who’s website you visit; for example, at, it gives you 10% off everything to a maximum of $50, so any orders over $500 won’t come with any additional savings.

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