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Fans get the chance to decide the next flavor of MHP’s legacy post-workout Dark Matter

Mhp Choose The Next Flavor Of Dark Matter

Legacy brand MHP, instantly recognized by its blue branding with yellow accents, has been around for several years and has appropriately had several signature products available for a similar time, including the likes of Probolic-SR, the highly effective diuretic Xpel, the gainer Up Your Mass, and Dark Matter. It is the last item on that list that is center stage and in the spotlight this week, as the brand is looking to add to the menu of the complex post-workout Dark Matter, and it wants consumers to decide on the taste.

At the moment, there is a solid selection of four flavors available for MHP’s Dark Matter in the classics Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lime, and a straightforward Grape. Again, the brand is wanting fans and followers to pick what would essentially be flavor number five for the supplement, and it is giving everyone three to choose from, so you’re not submitting your own creation. The potential options MHP has decided on for the Dark Matter extension are Orange Crush, Watermelon Lime, and Lemon Ice.

There is a page on the MHP website where you can submit your choice, with our guess being Orange Crush. The brand already has a bit of lime for Dark Matter in Strawberry Lime, so Watermelon Lime might be a bit of an overlap, and between the two citrusy recipes, Orange Crush sounds like the most fitting for after your workout. The added flavor will, of course, have all of the same formula highlights to maximize post-workout recovery, including a hefty hit of carbohydrates, some protein, and a full dose of creatine.

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