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Collagen-based JoyBar arriving in April from the creative No Sugar Company

No Sugar Company Announces Collagen Joybar

The functional food innovator, the No Sugar Company, clearly known for its stance against sugar, is dropping a new protein bar in the very near future that goes by the name of the JoyBar. The product is still a while away from becoming available, with the brand currently aiming to have it out and available somewhere around April and in retail partners like Walmart, and the membership giant Costco. In No Sugar Co’s traditional style, the JoyBar won’t have any sugar, but that’s not what separates it from the rest of its catalog.

The No Sugar Company’s upcoming JoyBar is a protein-packed snack in the classic bar format, with a respectable 14g of protein a piece. What makes the product its own unique entry in the brand’s extensive selection of functional foods is that it’s collagen-based. The collagen is a primary source of that protein, but it also brings with it all of the common beauty benefits of the ingredients, pairing the source of protein with support for healthy hair, skin, and nails, which is not something you’ll get in No Sugar Co’s other items.

The JoyBar has been announced in one flavor for now, but again, the No Sugar Company is not planning on making it publicly available for another three months in April, so there is still plenty of time before all of its details are likely to be out there and even enough time for things to change. We’ll share an update when we come across more information on the collagen-based JoyBar as we near that launch timeframe, but definitely stay tuned if you’re a fan of the almost always creative brand or just functional foods in general.