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Celsius reveals its citrusy Orange Rush flavor and begins rolling it out across Sweden

Orange Rush Celsius Energy Drink

Fans of the Celsius energy drink should know that in Sweden, you get a slightly simpler but still energizing formula featuring vitamins, zero sugar, and 200mg of caffeine, and there is a very different menu. This week, the beverage giant has revealed and released another flavor in Sweden, going alongside the others it has in the market, like Mango Passion, Raspberry Acai, Frozen Berries, and Strawberry Lemonade. The latest creation from the company is another fruit-based recipe, more specifically, an all-out citrusy experience.

Orange Rush Celsius Energy Drink is the beverage making its way out to stores and stockists in Sweden to start the New Year, and as per the name, it has a sparkling and intensely citrusy flavor. You get all of the energy drink’s usual highlights, as mentioned above, with a variety of vitamins for general health and wellness, no sugar in a 355ml can, only four calories, and 200mg of caffeine. Fans will be able to get Orange Rush at all of Sweden’s usual Celsius retailers, both in stores and online at the likes of Proteinbolaget.

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