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Performance Supplements expands into health and wellness with four specialized products

Performance Supplements Health And Wellness Series

House brand Performance Supplements has expanded beyond its original selection of workout-centric products, including its comprehensive pre-workout Pre-Grow, pump-powering pre-workout Vaso-Grow, and the intra-workout, endurance-supporting Intra-Grow. Recently added to the catalog is a family of health and wellness offerings, similar to Core Nutritionals Lifeline Series and Dragon Pharma’s since discontinued Rx Series, and it is made up of four supplements, all named after their core components.

Performance Supplements now offers Heart, Liver Kidney, Probiotic, and Cholesterol Support, again, all backed by ingredients to support those title benefits and purposes. Heart is packed full of antioxidants and several premium components to improve and support heart health with the likes of BCM-95, Kaneka Q30 ubiquinol, and clinically supported Rejuna. Next is Liver Kidney, equally loaded with ingredients for organ health, including several reliable features in astragalus, milk thistle, NAC, the rarely seen TUDCA, and AstraGin and BioPerine to help with absorption.

As for Performance Supplements Probiotic, as you’d expect, that has a comprehensive dose of digestive enzymes and probiotics providing 30 billion CFUs, as well as prebiotic inulin fiber, fennel seed, and ginger root. Last but not least is Cholesterol Support, featuring the shortest set of ingredients but just as reliable and focused on its core goal. For cardiovascular health, LDL and HDL support, and triglyceride levels, there is red yeast rice powder, citrus bergamot, berberine HCl at a respectable 900mg, and half a gram of omega-3s.

There is definitely a lot to Performance Supplements’ health and wellness extensions, and you can read more about each of them at, where it sells a few other brands as the company was originally and still is a sports nutrition retailer. The price of each of the products is about the same except for Heart, with Cholesterol Support at $39.99, Liver Kidney at $42.99, Probiotic sitting at $45.99, and Heart all the way up to $59.99, or you can get the entire collection at a slightly discounted $168.98 down from $188.96.