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Faxe Kondi rolls out its take on dragonfruit and calls the flavor Pink Dragon

Pink Dragon Faxe Kondi Energy Drink

European beverage company Faxe Kondi has a new flavor out this week for its caffeinated energy drink Faxe Kondi Booster, which can be found in many retailers and supermarkets throughout Denmark as well as a few other countries around that region. The product is available in a fun, colorful, and creative variety of flavors, especially in its well-designed Twisted Series, and that approach continues into its latest effort, carrying a pretty vague yet intriguing name with the Pink Dragon Faxe Kondi Energy Drink.

Obviously, with a title like Pink Dragon, you aren’t told much about what sort of taste you’re getting into, although thankfully, we have a description to let you know the theme of the recipe if you grab a can of the boldly pink-branded Pink Dragon. The actual taste is not too far from the name, with the Pink Dragon Faxe Kondi Energy Drink being a take on the exotic dragonfruit, and it is currently making its way out not stores with zero exclusivity, so fans can look forward to seeing it anywhere Faxe Kondi is sold.

It is also worth noting the Pink Dragon Faxe Kondi Energy Drink is one of the beverage giant’s nutrition-friendly offerings, with absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories, compared to Faxe Kondi Booster Original, packing 60g of sugar in its half-liter size for close to 250 calories.

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