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Quamtrax provides 11g of protein in its creamy hazelnut bar wrapped in wafer and chocolate

Quamtrax Nutrition Protein Crock

Quamtrax Nutrition in Europe has fans covered on both sides of the field, offering a wide variety of sports nutrition supplements with amino cocktails, pre-workouts, and protein powders, and it also goes the other way, delivering in the area of functional food with an impressive list of snacks and treats. To start the New Year, the brand is adding to the latter, revealing and releasing another type of protein bar called Protein Crock, providing plenty of protein, low in sugar, and all in a compact pocket-sized bar weighing 30g.

Protein Crock from Quamtrax Nutrition has a genuinely mouthwatering build, wrapping a smooth and creamy hazelnut center in a crunchy wafer layer and covering all of that in your choice of rich milk chocolate or sweet white chocolate. Do keep in mind this snack is rather small; as mentioned, it tips the scales at a miniature 30g a piece, far from the 60g of a traditional protein bar, half in fact, although in saying that, you do see the size reflected in the nutrition as Protein Crock has just 11g of protein per bar.

The other macros alongside the 11g of protein Quamtrax Nutrition has jammed into Protein Crock, are 5.4g of carbohydrates, close to a gram of that sugar, 11g of fat, and an overall calorie count of 159. The latest protein snack from the creative and extensive sports nutrition brand is out now in its home country and neighboring markets in Europe, with two tastes available, both explaining their difference in their names with Milk Choco, covered in milk chocolate and White Choco, of course, covered in sweet white chocolate.

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