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Raw creates a line of supplements dedicated to supporting performance and endurance

Raw Nutrition Endurance Series

Raw Nutrition has announced a new series of supplements that takes its brand down a slightly different path from the traditional categories and purposes of pre-workouts, protein powders, muscle builders, and weight loss products. The line is called Raw Endurance, and it is specifically designed and formulated for performance and endurance-type exercise and individuals such as runners, triathletes, open water swimmers, and so on, and there are four supplements to start in Raw Salt, Fuel, Replenish, and Gel Pack.

Raw Endurance Fuel and Replenish are Raw Nutrition’s more familiar format products in the series, both coming in bulk tubs of flavored powder. Raw Fuel is essentially a carbohydrate supplement, providing 24g of it per serving at a 5:4 glucose to fructose ratio, plus a variety of electrolytes. As for Replenish, that is eerily similar to Fuel, as it also has carbohydrates but at a much lower 6g a serving, and it has electrolytes, although a lot more compared to Fuel, including a hefty gram of sodium to follow through on that name.

Raw Nutrition Endurance Series 1

As for the other two products under Raw Nutrition’s Raw Endurance collection, they are Raw Salt and Gel Pack, the latter being somewhat of a classic endurance offering. Raw Gel Pack continues that carbohydrate focus seen in Fuel and Replenish; however, this comes as a gel in a squeeze pack providing 25g of carbohydrates per pouch, from a blend of glucose and fructose. Lastly, you have Raw Salt, which combines the sodium sources sea salt and sodium citrate into effervescent tablets for the purpose of supporting fluid balance, hydration, and, of course, endurance, the primary goal of the Raw Endurance series.

Raw Nutrition is looking to launch its Raw Endurance family in the very near future and has already listed the four products on its website in anticipation of their arrival. They all have two flavors to choose from except for Raw Salt with Orange and Lemon Lime for Fuel, Watermelon Mojito and Lemon Lime for Replenish, and Original and Honey for Gel Pack. Considering the line of products is geared toward endurance-minded individuals of any level, entry to professional, the brand has gone the extra mile and had all of the items Informed Choice Certified, meaning they’ve been tested for substances banned in sports.