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Markus Ruhl’s brand doubles the menu of its hydrolyzed-powered clear protein powder

Ruhls Best Hydro Clear Flavors

Markus Ruhl’s brand Ruhl’s Best is one of the very rare sports nutrition brands that have two different types of clear protein powders, although they are separated by all that much. There are Crystal Whey Protein Isolate and Hydro-Clear; the key difference is the former is based on whey isolate, and the latter is hydrolyzed whey isolate. Their macros aren’t too far from one another, where Crystal Whey Protein Isolate has 26g of protein in a 30g serving and 109 calories, and Hydro-Clear has 24.7g of protein to 100 calories.

Essentially, the separating factors from Ruhl’s Best Crystal Whey Isolate to Hydro-Clear is the source of protein and higher protein concentration in Hydro-Clear, but we’ve got the supplements in the spotlight this week as one of them has welcomed a bunch of new flavors. Receiving some love from the company itself this time around is Hydro-Clear, doubling the number of tastes it has available from four to eight with Orange Juice, Peach Iced Tea, Apple Pear, and an intriguing Energy Flavor inspired by a classic energy drink taste; and they’re all available beginning this month in the brand’s home country of Germany.